Knitting patterns for the butterfly minded.

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We've have reinvented the knitting pattern!

If you are anything at all like me, you can be half way through a sentence and .... erm ..... where was I? Yeah, you get the message. So, taking into account the phone call, distracting conversation that I'm not included in or, quite simply a butterfly mind, I find it hard enough to concentrate at the best of times, let alone when I'm trying to do something as focussed as following a knitting pattern. 

As the 'Attention Deficit Adult' in our team (I tested in the high 90s!) and therefore so full of creativity and ideas my head would simply BURST if I didn't have an outlet, I spent a lot of time assessing my own trigger points. Those moments that lead to either losing my place or mental spaghetti if not actual wool spaghetti!

Checkboxes at the beginning of each row and a count of stitches on your needle at the end, mean that even if you suddenly have to get up to answer the phone, put on a load of washing or repaint the skirting boards and tile the bathroom...(yeah, that can happen), you won't lose your place

I've broken the entire pattern down into a row by row format so there's no "on the next 5 alt rows whilst at the neck edge of next 8 rows" for you to mentally grapple with because half way through that formula I'm already half way through the next project and planning Supper.

And I'm adding video tutorials for each step so that even if you've chosen this as your first knitting project, it's like there's someone right there at your side, showing you every technique, from casting on and the basic stitches to picking up stitches and decreasing because it's not just the children's name or my house number I forget sometimes.

As for that butterfly mind, embrace it. There's a reason lots of successful people have personal assistants to remind them where they should be and when the next meeting is. Our heads are full of far more interesting things. You're probably intelligent, imaginative and creative.

On a practical level. Try keeping the different parts of your brain busy. Unlike the creatively wingless out there, my brain doesn't shut down unnecessary processing when it's not needed. When I'm doing something practical like knitting, music in the background or an audio book I've listened to before, stops the bit of my brain linked with hearing from getting bored, twiddling it's thumbs and searching for things to distracted it.

And remember. Embrace the butterfly because creative fluttering is how we butterflies roll.


Rikey x

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