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It's not easy, in a world, very much tilted towards the desires of the big corporations, to keep your ethical chin up as a small business. 

We've been a Teddy and Doll Hospital for seventeen years now and for more than a decade we've made ethics the heart of what we do.

Not that we went around being unethical before that you understand! Not at all, but until we really began to understand, the depth and harm of consumerism aimed at children, we just pootled along on a cloud of teddy fluff and innocence.  

The day I was told that a child's wishlist was the quickest way to get money out of a parent's pocket and that turning them all into little consumers was a good business strategy, was the day it all changed for me. 

We still stock soft toys, but not one of them is part of a set that you'll need to collect, so choose the one you love and become best friends. We make our own Rag Doll and Bear Making Kits and patterns so learn a craft, share a skill or make something extra special to give as a gift. We also give you all of the information you need to recycle and reuse your pattern. You can even refill our kits and pass them on to a friend. Our Teddy Hospital is the very heart of what we do and repairs as many as six Teddies or Dolls a day who come to us from all over the world.  We have a large re-homing department where vintage bears find new homes, and now, we have found the most wonderful, ethical and green range of t-shirts. Take a look at our new designs here and watch for more and more. 

So, if it's in our shop or on our website, you can be assured that we've done our very, very best to be sure it's ethically produced, as green as we can make it and most of all, you're life will be a little better because of it. 

Please help us spread the word. There are three bottom lines when you are in business. 

People, Planet and then, and only then Profit. 


ORB, the Organisation for Responsible Businesses.

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