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Wecome to the Alice's Bear Shop Website!

We’re putting people before profit again and sending most of our team home for a little while.

We’re all still working hard and in every other way it’ll be business as usual.

If you have travelled to pick up or drop off your bear and I’m not here, please call the number on the door. I won’t be far away and can be here in a matter of minutes.

Look after yourselves Rikey and Team Teddy

Alice's Bear Shop is a Teddy Bear and Doll Hospital, situate just off Church Street in Lyme Regis, a beautiful, Dorset, seaside town.

We are proud to offer you our beautiful collection of Heirloom, jointed Teddy Bear and Calico Rag Doll making Kits and Patterns. Created using the very best partners we can find and offering you a product that is as green as we can make it while still being affordable. 

We are also very pleased to offer you our gorgeous, organic and wonderfully ethical clothing range, EarthPositive®. You can choose from a large selection of designs, colours and sizes. Each created to order especially for you so please allow a little extra time for delivery. 

Ethically created with People, Play and the Planet in mind. 

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