Promise Jars

The most precious gift you can give,
Is the gift of your time and attention.

In our increasingly busy world, we find it hard to priorities the things and people that really matter.

This simple little idea helps enormously. Each labelled 7cm x 9cm  'Promise Jar' comes complete with 10 blank promises which you fill in, giving an activity and timescale. The jar owner can cash them in throughout the year when they just need a little of your time.

So, whether it's

"Dear Maria, I promise to take you out for a romantic meal, within 1 week of redemption of this promise, signed Dave"


"Dear Tom, I promise to build a den in the garden with you, within 1 day of redemption of this promise, signed Dad"

You'll find yourself making time and memories together.

You can even decorate the jar and fill it up with goodies too.

We'll also send you a free PDF of blank promises to print so you'll never run out.