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Teddy Bear and Doll Hospital

Our Teddy Bear and Doll hospital is open 9-3 Monday to Friday, for Teddy Bear repairs, restoration or even just a little TLC for your much loved, furry friend. We're also a doll hospital and undertake doll re-stringing on an almost daily basis. Whether they're just a few weeks old when the family pet finds them(!), or approaching their twilight years and showing excessive wear and tear, we can help.
With Bears and Dolls that have acquired years of character, our aim is not to return them to the pristine condition they were once in when new - they just wouldn't be the same - but we will try to make sure that bits stop falling out or dropping off, and help your first best friend enjoy generations more love.
If you have a potential patient who is in need of either a little re-stitching, or major surgery, please pop us an email with a few photographs at
Tell us:
  • The areas that need attention.
  • Anything you definitely want to keep the same, including sentimental features such as 'grandma's darning' or "he's always had shirt buttons for eyes", etc.
  • The rough size of the patient. 
You can also call us on 01297 444589. We are here seven days of the week and will do our very best to help with pricing details, though each Teddy or Doll is unique in their requirements.

For an estimated price list, click here.

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