Our Angel Policy

Alice’s Bear Shop Angel Policy


Alice’s Bear Shop is a proud member of the Organisation for Responsible Businesses.

We are a Teddy Bear and Doll Hospital. Our Patterns, Kits and Downloads help to support our hospital. To ensure our creations are used to support the same ethics that we do, we have established an Angel Policy for you to follow when you are working with our designs. This policy protects all parties by ensuring that crafters who wish to sell their creations can do so, so long as they abide by our terms. This policy also protects us as a business by ensuring that our copyrighted name and designs are used in the correct way. If in doubt, contact us at info@alicesbearshopuk.com and we will do our best to answer your questions.

We reserve the right to amend this policy.

  1. You must not sell or reproduce copies of our patterns or instructions in any format including Digital Files and Paper Copy.
  2. You may sell items made from our designs for charity or for profit if you abide by the restrictions of this policy.
  3. When selling items, the seller must make it clear that the items are made by the seller. We do not accept any responsibility for items made using our designs. Please be responsible about the labelling of your items, especially their suitability for children.
  4. Please respect our creativity by showing that your item is made using an Alice’s Bear Shop pattern.
  5. Mass production, assembly-line construction, production by workers for hire, or syndication of items for sale is strictly prohibited.
  6. All work and artwork is copyrighted and cannot be copied or used without permission. This includes graphic, digital, electronic or photocopying.
  7. You may not use Alice’s Bear Shop images or name for the purpose of creating logos or company trademarks.
  8. We also use our designs to support our favourite reforestation charity The Word Forest Org as well as various other charities close to our heart and ask you to do the same by making a donation from each sale to charity or to the Teddy and Doll Hospital. We suggest a minimum of 5%. If you would like details of the charities we support please contact us, otherwise, feel free to support your own preferred charity.  
  9. We will, wherever possible help you publicise your creations and the charities you support with them and assume the right to share images you send to us or share online.


We would love to hear more about the charities you have supported. Please do keep us up to date with your news.


We’re here every day if you need us

Rikey and Team Teddy