Easter Fun at Alice's Bear Shop

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Well, that was quite a photoshoot! Apparently, chocolate eggs and hot cross buns were very popular today. 
The gorgeous Rosie Rabbit decided that this was her Easter egg and disappeared off with it. She has said that it matches her paws and ears perfectly. We haven't seen Rosie since this photo was taken but there is a trail of pink foil pieces to follow so we have a fairly good idea where she is!
Previous to this was Rosie was sitting beautifully amongst the daffodils and eggs rather than on the top!
As another newbie to the Alice Bear family, Amy was very keen to join in the fun. Amy is made from the Alice Rag Doll pattern with beautiful Sunburst Seriously Chunky Cygnet yarn for hair and light blue English glass eyes. She decided on the red pinafore and the Florence Bee Fabric dress (both from the traditional dress pattern)
The trouble was that Rosie then saw the hot cross buns and insisted on a new photo!

 We think that the bears have wandered off with the buns as there are crumbs everywhere and the bears are having a very long afternoon nap!
We do hope that you have a wonderful Easter weekend whatever you may be doing!


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