And then there was STUFF! and it was ethical and it was goooood.

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It's only when I actually sit down to add your products to your new website that I realise, not only how much 'stuff' you have to sell but also how gorgeous it all is. 

I'm reminded of the many hours, trawling through the ether to find the very best we could of each range. Speaking to everyone from the utter numpty who thought ethics was was an old model making company!!! to the lady who squealed with joy because she thought she was all alone in caring about how her products were made and what they were made from, who'd supplied her raw materials and how those people had been treated. 

To all of you who care, to each of you who marvel in this glorious, delicate and wonderful planet and just want to buy a set of knitting needles that didn't snatch food from a panda, or cloth that didn't poison a river and really honestly care about these things, you are not alone, we get you, we're like you. 

Our featured image shows our new, hand-made, bamboo knitting needles from the gorgeous Liz at Funky needles 

Rikey xxx

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