We're dreaming of a GREEN CHRISTMAS with great Green Gift Ideas.

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As I sit to write this, it's 105 days, 12 hours and 26 minutes till Christmas.

We've decided that this Christmas will be as green as we can possibly make it.

Handmade and recycled gifts, recycled wrap made from magazine pages and lots of home baking.

It's never too early to start some of those making gifts. Here are a few ideas that we can help you with.

Before you test the homemade sloe gin, climb the attic ladder and dig out that box of clothes you just can't bare to throw away.

A favourite old jumper that's past it's best can be unravelled to make a jumper for someone's special teddy using our teddy jumper knitting pattern download.

That same unravelled jumper will also provide more than enough yarn to make great wavy hair for a handmade rag doll using our Rag Doll pattern download and the free tutorial videos on our tutorial page.

Outgrown or worn clothing will give you heaps of fabric for doll outfits using one of out outfit pattern downloads.

You'll have so much fun, it's great for the planet and will have so much more meaning that any bought gift. 

So keep one eye on the CHRISTMAS CLOCK and craft away (maybe with a tiny glass of sloe gin, just for testing). xxx




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