Our first vlog and the resulting blooper video!

Posted by Rikey Austin on

For a very, very long time I've wanted to make a vlog.

Something that would introduce our team and show the world what our fantastic little teddy hospital and shop does.

Foolishly I let the super made-up and glam vloggers out there put me off. I'm no spring chick and come with all of the accompanying wrinkles and grey hairs. Every time I saw myself on the screen I shrivelled up a little inside (that's not another reference to my age by the way!)

And then I thought, Hey! When someone downloads our patterns and makes a gorgeous rag doll, receives a loved teddy back that we've fixed or finds a lovely old bear to love, literally NOBODY cares about how I look. 

Yipppeeee. Bring on the make-upless vlogging. It was lots of fun to make as you'll see from the resulting bloopers video.

So please, check out our very short intro vlog asking for your questions and every Sunday we'll pick a few to answer. 

Rikey xxx



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