Two Bears, One Pattern.

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It always amazes me that one pattern can create completely different bears depending on the fabrics used.

Our Pauly and Lovebug Patterns are perfect examples.

Let's look at just one variant, the stretch of a fabric, and see how it can affect the look of a bear.

Here are two bears created from our Pauly Button Jointed Pattern which you can find as a download   


The one on the right from a fabric with little or no stretch (a medium weight cotton shirt) and the one on the right from a fabric with stretch (a knitted sweater).

Pauly Memory Bear


And here's our Lovebug Unjointed Memory Bear pattern. Find the Pattern


Once again in a fabric with little stretch on the right (jeans and a t-shirt) and more stretch on the left (a babygrow). 

So, even if you only ever buy one of our patterns you can create lots and lots of different bears. Each with their own beautiful character.


Check out out Memory Bear Tutorials on out Tutorial Video page here

and most important of all . . . . . have fun x





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  • Hi Cheri

    Obviously we don’t want people mass producing bears from our patterns but we do say that using them to raise money for good causes on a small scale is a lovely idea. Just let us know what you have in mind. We would love to help you spread the word. We suggest a minimum of 10% to the charity of your choice.

    Rikey on
  • Hi Cheri
    You can find the pattern on our pattern download page. There is also a link just below the images. It’s not very clear. I’ll see if I can make it more obvious.
    Rikey x

    Rikey on
  • One more question. Can we make and sell bears from your patterns? Thank you again.

    Cheri Gee on
  • Your Pauly is beautiful. Is his pattern a download, or a mailed pattern? Thank you for your response.

    cheri gee on

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