Teddy Eddy Enjoying a Brief Stay at the Bear Hospital!

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Teddy Eddy's very proud owner has given permission for us to take a little photo shoot of Teddy's stay with us in the hospital.

When Teddy Eddy first arrived we did wonder what type of toy he was!

Wendy was brave enough to open the package and find the lovely Teddy Eddy inside! Teddy had come for a very short visit to replace his muisc box. After a quick surgery under local anesthetic and a check that his music box was playing Brahms Lullaby, he was adorned with his going home bow and left to have a wander around the hospital.

Teddy Eddy made a bee-line for the cotton thread display and pointed out that the threads matched his new bow!


Teddy noticed that he was being followed around by two young bears that had been recently made by our wonderful Wendy. Seeing that they were going to be getting up to mischief if not distracted, Teddy Eddy grabbed a storybook and gathered them around him 

Once the youngsters had gone for their afternoon nap, Teddy Eddy was looking around for something to do. Spying Wendy away from her desk, he jumped up into her chair and started answering emails!

He was so good we are thinking of offering him a job!

Thanks to Teddy Eddy for being such a sport and to Mandy McHale for letting us have a bit of fun on a Friday with one of our patients!!!

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