Anxious Hospital Patients - Our Secret Weapon!

Posted by Rikey Austin on

At Alice's Hospital for Poorly Bears and Dolls we are used to dealing with anxious owners but occasionally we have an anxious patient on our wards. We have a very effective secret weapon to banish all anxieties away.......

A cuddle from Dr Colette!
We can't wait for lockdown to end and then we will all be lining up for a cuddle from Dr Colette!
Wishing you all a great weekend!
Team Teddy!

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  • Afternoon Team Teddy,
    Last year a friend of mine passed away and when we sorted her home we found two lovely old teddies. I am enjoying having them around. I will have to do some surgery soon as things are needing repair. My other bears are getting to know these two, who as yet are un-named. Having a bear around is having a friend around.

    Sheila Gunson on

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