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It may be very British of me but I've always smiled thankfully and shaken my head when asked if people can donate to the Hospital. We're not a charity after all. However, I find myself in the frankly knee quiveringly exciting position of major publicity. This could be our chance to take the next step in our dream. I would LOVE to be able to support others in opening their own Teddy and Doll Hospital. Bringing this service to High Streets across the whole country. so I did it. I set up a GoFundMe page. Please help us spread the word.



Alice's Bear Shop is one of the few remaining Teddy and Doll Hospitals in the UK. We receive patients from the whole world over. 

The average number of soft toys a child owns has rocketed from one or two just two generations ago to an astounding 34 in 2017. 
Bombarding our children with so much 'stuff' doesn't make them happy, it does make huge amounts of money for big industry and contributes to one of the biggest causes of fabric pollution on the planet. 

In such a throw away society we believe that our mission is to teach the message of repairing, offer extra years of cuddles to beloved best friends and help to support others in opening their own Teddy and Doll Hospitals across the whole country. 

Although we do charge for our services they are incredibly labour intensive and our Teddy and Doll Hospital will never be a big earner. 
We design and sell our own Rag Doll and Teddy Bear Patterns and Kits to support our work but are often asked by none sewing visitors if there is another way to donate and support us. After Eighteen years we are finally launching this page and thank you with all of our hearts for your support.

Rikey and Team Teddy

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  • I guess that most people (little kids and big kids – like me) are really good and friendly people. But the three people I encountered today (Jan. 24th 2019) at this hospital were exceptionally kind and lovely. Thank you for successfully undertaking the surgery to Wallace’s neck, He was laughing and singing as we drove home to Torquay and he says a big thank you, as well as me. Five stars for sure!

    Mike Winwood on

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