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Kai here (the social media manager!).

It's been a while since we made one of these blog posts so I thought it was about time we got our act together and write one!

You may have noticed that our website has changed slightly - don't worry if you don't like change, it's only been tidied up slightly to make it easier to access!

Our YouTube channel has also been updated and we are getting a super computer in the next week to allow us to edit and upload more! If you haven't already, go subscribe to our channel to see what we have been up to and have a look at our helpful tutorials:

We have also had an increase in staff here since the last blog post! Other than myself, we have an apprentice Max who has been helping us with our databases to make the hospital a little easier to run. We also have three new doctors: Tracey, Joe and Margaret. They have all been brought in to take some of the pressure away from Dr Dave and Nurse Leslie, who are extremely busy at the moment! We also have Helen, our hospital administrator, who has been very useful over the past week, allowing everyone to take some time away from the hospital and focus on design and other necessities. 

Rikey is hoping to release some new products very soon, spending a lot of her time designing and creating new items for all of you to enjoy!

Fingers crossed, we will be uploading to this blog every week to give you all an update on what is happening here! If you would like more regular updates, go to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts, all of which are located at the bottom of the Home Page!

We hope to have more contact with you all soon,

Kai :)


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