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Why we'll never be (money) rich!

Download Ethical Ethical Trading Make a Rag Doll Rag Doll Rag Doll Pattern Rag Doll Tutorial

People and Planet before profit is the motto we shamelessly borrow and tweak from the incredible ORB 'Organisation for Responsible Businesses'

It's why we put so much energy into projects like our Memory Rag Doll making tutorials.

They'll never make us rich. Selling a full kit is far better for our profit bottom line but teaching someone to make a Rag Doll that will become a treasured family heirloom is a wonderful feeling and helping them to do that with recycled fabrics means our People and Planet bottom lines are looking pretty healthy.

You can join us right now by downloading our Rag Doll Pattern and Instructions and following us as we make a doll from start to finish in our online tutorials.

Just click on the image below or head to our Downloads page.

And join us on our Youtube channel for step by tutorials. 


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  • Rikey Austin on

    Thank you so much Pat. You can start practicing you doll faces, even if you don’t have a pattern yet! Just download the free template, trace onto a piece of fabric like an old pillow case etc or even a sheet of paper and follow the tutorial. You’ll soon be as hooked as we are. x

  • Pat Thompson on

    I have so enjoyed your videos, it has made me want to make a doll with
    the painted face. I used to live in Lyme and wish I had visited you before we left. Your shop was always so attractive.

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