We're on the move.

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We're on the move...

My dad once told me that 'The worst way to let down your business, is to fail to change when it needs to change.'

Luckily for us the decision is easy. 

We've been a teddy and doll hospital now for seventeen years and it's the heart and soul of what we do. We simply can't keep up and now have a six months waiting list. We can't spread the word because we can't spare the people to keep up with the increase in patients.

However, we're also, for all intent and purposes, our ethical message aside, a bog standard teddy bear shop on a high street. As we trade more and more ethically, as we champion the message 'less is more', this goes a big old heap against the grain. 

Enter, big business shift of the decade.

We're on the move. We're not going far, just across the road to our gorgeous workroom in fact and we'll still be open seven days of the week.

We're putting our ethical money where our mouth is and concentrating on the most people based parts of our business. After all, it's what we do best and what we love doing. 

It'll also give me the chance to work on the 42 new designs for bear and Rag doll kits that, if I don't get out, will make my head burst. 

Wish us luck my lovelies. 

Rikey xxx


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  • Good luck with the move, we think you are amazing and support you! Xxx ??

    Donna Johnson on

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