Tat takes a trip.

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If you don't already know this cute fella, let me introduce you. This is Tat, the first of the Alice's Bear Shop characters to ever get his own book. I began telling Tat's tale to my children when my eldest son was around eight years old. That's a whopping twenty years ago! I finally wrote and illustrated Tat's story about a decade later and a gorgeous series of soft toys followed. To celebrate our new Teddy passports and the imminent launch of our Teddy Tags global map (watch this space) we're sending My own Tat bear on a journey around the world. If you'd like to host part of his journey, let us know what photo you'd take and share. It can be anything, a sofa snuggle, a walk in the park or a skydive. If we choose you, we'll send him on his way to you. Have a few lovely days with him, post a photo or two on Facebook, Twitter or to us by email and then we'll let you choose where he's off on the next part of his journey. Tat will arrive with a passport, a journal if you'd like to make a note and we'll plot his journey on his own global map. Rikey

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  • Hi Christine. What an amazing adventure. I’m sure Tat would absolutely love to come along with you. We’ll arrange some shorter trips and make sure he’s with you, passport in hand, ready for the off.
    p.s. do you have room for a couple of baggage carriers? We’re more than happy to help if you do. – Rikey & Maria xxx

    Rikey Austin on
  • My husband and I are going to San Francisco and Hawaii next April for a cruise. After having 2 major back operations and now walking again, I cannot fly until next year. We are also renewing our marriage vows which will be almost 21 years. It maybe a bit too long away for Tat, but I’m sure, he would have some great adventures and stories to tell.
    I’m sure we could make him Captain of our ship!!
    Here’s hoping that you will maybe choose us to look after him.
    Kind regards,
    Christine Paterson

    Christine Paterson on

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