Good reasons to be a workaholic (part 1)

Posted by Rikey Austin on

One result of our move across the High Street has been an equal and heavier move for the hubby downstairs. Shifting 10 years of teddy stuff was hard, imagine 6 years of fossil shop! 

We have the warm glow of finally setting both feet on the ethical path to keep us smiling. He just has tonnes of rock  to move. To smooth the way, I have played the 'Man Cave' card!

Soooo, why would i rather be sitting with team teddy, in a cozy teddy hospital, playing, I mean working, with teddies today?

The man cave will be a workshop and prep area in our quite small back garden. Unfortunately, the only available space houses a small but thriving Belfast sink pond and guess what I'm doing on my first full day off since September (I'm not including our week volunteering in Calais because that was bloody hard work!). And as they say in the thrillomentaries "the weather's against us!"


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