FREE, global Teddy Bear Lost & Found Map

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If there's anything more heartbreaking than the sight of a lost teddy, sitting on a wall, waiting to be found, it's being the parent of the child who's lost that first best friend.

As a member of the 'Organisation for Responsible Businesses' we make our product development about finding and solving just this sort of problem.

Yep! I know! We picked a real biggie this time but if you're going to spend two years developing a project and if you're going to do it for free, no strings, then it better be worth it.

That's why we at Alice's Bear Shop developed Teddy Tags and followed that up with our latest and biggest project to date. A FREE, global map to help re-unite lost teddies with their people.

Please click on the image below and share, share, share.

Let's end the heartbreak of lost teddies forever!


We also offer a free Teddy Tag to every child for their special best friend, just send us a stamped, addressed envelope and we'll send you your free 'Teddy Tag'.

Our soft, fabric tags are printed with a cute teddy and the words,
‘I’m someone’s special friend, if I look lost, please let them know on..........’
Just add an adult's telephone number or email on the dotted line using a permanent, waterproof-ink pen. Sew to teddy and off you go!

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