Flippin' 'eck February!

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What a blinder of a month February has been so far, and we're not even at the end!

Our decision to give up the front shop, step aside if not completely away from soft toys and concentrate on the bits of our business that make us special and, we hope, make the world a better place, was a tough one.

After all, it's pick up sales and impulse buys that part parents from their money easiest. But we did it anyway. 

December and the move was too fraught to worry. Christmas sales of kits were good online and we were kept very busy.  

In January, the reality of our decision began to bite. Had we done the right thing for our little business by following our ethics or were the two, as we have often been told, mutually exclusive. 

Well huddle in and I'll tell you!

At the end of January we were contacted by a news and pictures service who, having heard about our Teddy Hospital, would like to feature it in the papers. How exciting. And here we were, not having to run a full time shop and able to accommodate for the first time in ages. Our Teddy Hospital waiting list had shrunk already from it's six month to a five month waiting list as Dr Dave and Nurse Lesley ploughed stoically  through the patients.

The newspapers immediately picked up the story and we appeared in the Sun and the Daily Mail (don't judge me!) The Sun reporter, loving the story so much that she went on to write a further two page article had tweeted that "Sometimes, in this job, I meet people who fill my heart with joy" Oh bless!

In a whirlwind of excitement, we had by now been contacted by ITV's This Morning to appear on the show and it's only the 7th! 

Dr Dave & Nurse Lesley, the champions that they are and despite a very nasty run in with a patch of black ice and a 4X4 sprung, a little stiffly into action.

We stayed in a gorgeous hotel, enjoyed a lovely meal,

and woke stupidly early for our big day, and here it is - 

Got prettified

and here it is - 



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  • Thank you for returning ‘Ted’ to us, my daughter, grand-daughter are delighted to have him back home again and in one piece! You did an amazing job.
    Thanks again

    Ellie Hunter on
  • I was at work so had to tape it you were all great and lot longer than I thought well done all. I have visited the new shop/studio a few times and it is great once again well done love you all from natalie xx

    Natalie on

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