*DOWNLOAD* - A4 Pattern and Instructions - Charlotte Teddy Bear 19cm/7.5" when made

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These easy to follow, step by step, comprehensive instructions with detailed pattern take you through the process of making a beautiful, heirloom, jointed Teddy Bear using the same techniques that Bear Artists have practiced for over a century.

The instructions are extremely professional, clear and thorough with lots of useful images. We've included stitch tuition, pile direction detailing, glossary and layouts.

We were very proud to have been nominated for the 'Excellence in Innovation' Award for our Kits and patterns in 2015.

So, whether you are an experienced bear maker with a supply of mohair to hand or want to experiment with other fabrics and techniques, these instructions and pattern are just what you need.

Please note that Charlotte is made without paw pads.

Prints on standard A4 size paper

Finished bear size - 19cm/7.5"

To make this bear, you will need:-

. 28cm/11" wide x 22cm/9" deep piece of mohair (or other fabric)

. 4.5cm/2" x 6.4cm/2.5" foot pad material (eg cashmere, ultra suede)

. 1 x pair of 6mm/1/4", black, glass eyes

. 5 x 12mm/ 1/2" cotter pin joints (one set)

. Matching sewing thread, general purpose sewing needle and pins

. 75cm/30" of extra strong thread (used for inserting eyes)

. 90cm/36" nose thread (Brown Cotton Perle looks good)

. 40g/1.5oz approx’ stuffing (polyfibre, kapok or cotton and, if you wish to add weight, steel shot, plastic pellets etc)

. A long doll needle (about 12cm/5" long, used to insert eyes)

. Fabric scissors and paper scissors

. Tailor’s chalk or ballpoint pen

. Soft toy stuffer (a wooden spoon handle works well)

. Long nosed pliers (for turning cotter pins)