Vintage Hedgehog Mecki Character with Fishing Rod

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Deihl Brothers, were a filmmaking business organised by brother Ferdinand, Hermann and Paul Diehl.

The Diehl brothers were based in Munich and were known for their stop motion fairy-tale movies and their famous character, a hedgehog named Mecki.

Mecki's popularity in Germany created licensing deals for filmmakers and the character's success and popularity has been compared to Mickey Mouse.

This adorable male character with a fishing rod, would be an asset to your collection.

He is 9cm in height and has a rubber vinyl soft body.

He is jointed internally at the torso with metallic wiring that allows the doll to hold somewhat realistic poses ,but he has no wire in his legs so he can sit down relax and go fishing !!!

He is wearing long black boots, grey felt trousers ,a red and white long sleeve top and a green waistcoat with a blue scarf.

He has a black hat on and is carrying a fishing rod and fish.

He is in good condition for his age.

He is made in Austria.

Not suitable for children.