Vintage 1950's Walker Doll

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This  beautiful 22" tall early manual walker doll is in very good condition for her age.

A walking mechanism that works with her head turning from side to side. 

When she is laying down her big blue eyes close as if she were asleep.-see pic

She has all of her original lashes, with faint hand painted eyebrows and bright red lips.

 Unfortunately her tummy voice box does work and she has  scratches and a few marks on her arms, hand ,legs and face.-see pics.

She is wearing a pink handmade knitted dress with a pink ribbon around her waist. Under her dress she has a white vest a net underskirt, woollen panties and woollen socks. (Not original clothing)

Her brown short curly wig and discoloured shoes are original. 

She is a well strung , made of hard plastic and is generally in good condition, but does not like sitting.

This is a collectors item, and not suitable for children.