Teddy Bear Pattern and A5 Instruction Booklet - Rolo Bear 29cm when made

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Collectable Bear Making Pattern and A5 Instructions booklet - Rolo Bear - 29cm when made - from Alice's Bear Shop

This kit contains easy to follow instructions and a reusable pattern to make a jointed mohair bear.

We have provided you with all of the information you need to get both creative and green by recycling your pattern with both new and re-purposed fabrics.

Size : To make a 29cm bear.

Suitable for : Not suitable for children. This is a pattern to make a collectible heirloom bear.

To make this bear, you will need:-

. 28cm wide x 49cm deep mohair (or other fabric) colour A - dark colour

. 35cm wide x 22cm deep mohair (or other fabric) colour B - lighter colour

. 13cm x 16cm paw pad material (eg cashmere, ultra suede)

. 1 x pair of 8mm, black, glass eyes

. 3 x 30mm cotter pin joints

. 2 x 35mm cotter pin joints

. Matching sewing thread, general purpose sewing needle and pins

. 150cm of extra strong thread (used for inserting eyes)

. 120cm nose thread (Black Cotton Perle looks good)

. 230g approx’ stuffing (polyfibre, kapok, cotton etc, if you wish to add weight, steel shot, plastic pellets etc)

. A long doll needle (about 12cm long, used to insert eyes)

. Fabric scissors and paper scissors

. Tailor’s chalk or ballpoint pen

. Soft toy stuffer (a wooden spoon handle works well)

. Long nosed pliers (for turning cotter pins)