*DOWNLOAD* Sewing a Rag Doll Primary School Uniform Outfit - A4 or US Pattern and Instructions - to fit our 54cm Rag Doll

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Sewing a Rag Doll - Pattern and Instructions Download -Primary School Uniform with Dress outfit to fit 54cm Rag Doll.

Choose from A4 UK or US Letter size. 

These easy to follow, step by step, comprehensive instructions with detailed pattern take you through the process of making a Primary School Uniform Outfit for our 54cm Rag Doll. 

The instructions are extremely professional, clear and thorough, with each and every step explained in text and images. We've included stitch tuition, green tips, glossary and layouts.

We were very proud to have been nominated for the 'Excellence in Innovation' Award for our Kits and Patterns in 2015. So, whether you're an experienced sewer or this is your first project, these instructions and pattern are just what you need. 

Size: fits our 54cm Rag Doll.

Suitable for: This is a collectable heirloom pattern but with very little adjustment it can be made suitable for children. Remove small parts until the child is a little older.

Included are instructions to make a Summer dress, pinafore dress, polo shirt, long socks. ankle socks, knickers, shoes and a school book bag.

To make this rag doll outfit, you will need:-

.    108cm/42.5” wide x 24cm/9.5” deep fabric for summer dress

.    26cm/10.5” wide x 22cm/9” deep fabric for summer dress contrast

.    85cm/33.5” wide x 25cm/10” deep fabric for pinafore dress

.    50cm/20” wide x 30cm/12” deep fabric for polo shirt

.    1.5cm/1” deep x 25cm/10” long trim for polo shirt collar

.    52cm/20.5” wide x 28cm/11” deep fabric for long socks

.    30cm/12” wide x 28cm/11” deep fabric for ankle socks

.    3cm/2” deep x 70cm/27.5” long trim for ankle socks

.    20cm/8” wide x 25cm/10” deep fabric for knickers

.    10mm/4” wide x 48cm/19” long knicker elastic

.    17cm/7” wide x 27cm/11” deep fabric for shoes

.    28cm/11” wide x 39cm/15.5” deep fabric for book bag

.    2.5cm/1” wide x 100cm/39.5” long ribbon for the hair

.    6 x 10mm/4” buttons, 2 each for summer dress, pinafore dress & shoes

.    Matching thread, general purpose sewing needle and pins

.    1 x pair each fabric and paper scissors. Tailor’s chalk or a pencil