Premium Scissors - Varous Sizes, See Options

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Kleiber Premium Scissors

We offer a choice of 4 different sizes of scissor

  • 245mm / 9.5 inches - the traditional dressmaker's scissors/shears 
  • 208mm / 8 inches - multi-purpose scissors 
  • 140mm / 5.5 inches - craft scissors
  • 115mm / 4.5 inches - embroidery scissors

The 245mm are great for cutting out cotton/calico fabrics for the Rag Dolls and Outfits

The 208mm work well on fabric and are smaller and lighter than the 245mm

The 140mm are great for using to cut out the paper pattern pieces

The 115mm work very well for cutting mohair as you can get close to the fabric and not cut into the fur

All 4 pairs of scissors share the same characteristics:

- Excellent cutting properties

- Comfortable and functional due to the light-weight ABS plastic handles

- Ergonomic design

- Stainless steel cutting edges

- Adjustable blades (shears only)