'Lowen Allegro' Handmade Miniature Felt 'Composer/Virtuoso' Thread Jointed Bear With Piano

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We are excited to present Lowen Allegro!

Accomplished pianist and confident composer, Lowen has the largest talent for his tiny 4.5" height. 

Lowen comes with his own grand piano, stool and some sheet music. He has installed a small wind-up music box in the piano - as he is a little bear sometimes his paws get very tired, but he still likes to hear some music, so this is his happy compromise. 

Hand stitched from wool felt in tiny blanket stitch, he is thread jointed, with hand embroidered features, tiny bead eyes and a buttoned wool waistcoat. Lowen has 2 little 5p coins in his feet to help give him standing stability, though of course he is happiest sat at the piano. 

Handmade one of a kind by Wendy, Lowen would love a forever home, he is sure to bring a cheerful smile with his deft piano playing. 

Not really suitable for very small children as they do like to fiddle with things, and he won't thank you for that!