"Gordon" -Preloved Handmade Curly Golden Mohair Jointed Large Teddy Bear.

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Absolutely beautiful golden curly mohair large teddy bear- he is in excellent condition ,hardly been loved at all...that's why he needs to be loved by you!

"Gordon", is the largest of our Pre-loved Teddy bears...standing at 24"and sitting at 16",and is fully jointed.

He has brown suede paws ,dark topaz eyes and a black embroidered nose and mouth. 

He is rather heavy, cause he eats all Wendy's sweets in our bear shop..... you see he has found her secret draw....!!!

"Gordon" is proudly wearing his bright red scarf ....and is all ready for winter, So if you would like a hungry sweet eating bear ,he is the one for you!!!

Not suitable for children under 5