Felt Kit - Create a Camp Fire Playset

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Whether its the Summer camping trip coming up or you're ahead of the game for Bonfire Night - This kit will set you all aglow!

With everything you need to create your own camp fire playset, including marshmallows - you will be all set for a few hours of imaginative play or a great scene-setter for your wintry decorations. 

A super easy sew, layer your pieces up using the colours as depicted or swap the red and yellow to get a different look to your flames, use all the same shape templates or use one of each - it's up to you, mix and match! And why not whip yourself up some marshmallows whilst your there! The size is perfect to suit rag dolls and teddy bears.

 Kit Includes: 

  • Full pattern and instructions
  • A selection of felt in 6 colours - enough to make at least 3 flames, 3 logs and 2 marshmallows:
  • Matching embroidery floss
  • Polyfibre filling
  • Wooden skewers

You will also need a basic sewing kit, scissors, rice/lentils or a weight filling if you'd like. We also added a randomly cut piece of brown fabric as the 'soil' for the fire to sit on.