Pink Flowers Toy Bedding Set Kit - For a Teddy Bear or Doll

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Toy Bedding Set Kit

This Bedding Set Kit makes a duvet and pillow and is ideal for your dolls & teddy bears.
Made from pink knitted boucle type fabric with green flowers.
Fully reversible. The second side is made from a plain pink cotton poplin.

Perfect to tuck up your little treasures! Great for dolls prams, beds, even a large shoebox bed!

Designed by Wendy 

This Kit Includes:
Printed Instructions
18" x 18" Boucle Style Fabric for Duvet
18" x 18" Cotton Fabric for Duvet
10.5" x 6.5" Boucle Style Fabric for Pillow
10.5" x 6.5" Cotton Fabric for Pillow
17" x 17" Wadding
25g Polyfibre Filling

Bed & Doll not included. (For scale the bed shown is from Ikea)