Fleece Slipper Kit - To fit a 54cm Rag Doll/Doll - Makes 4 Pairs

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Fleece Slipper Kit - To fit an Alice's Bear Shop Rag Doll (54cm) 

The well dressed doll doesn't just have to be when he/she is out and about - who doesn't love to come home and pop on a nice comfy pair of slippers?!

This little super value kit makes 4 pairs in different colours so no matter what comfy PJ's they are wearing - they will have something to go with them! 

(And to be honest - there's no reason why they can't be worn as shoes!) 

You will receive enough materials in each kit to make 4 pairs of slippers.

Each kit contains:
Printed Pattern & Instructions
4 colours of fleece
1 skein of embroidery floss

Contents may vary from photo.  Shades may differ.