*DOWNLOAD* - Knitting Pattern A4 - Cardigan for 54cm/21" Rag Doll

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We have reinvented the knitting pattern!

Taking into account the phone call, excited child, busy life or butterfly mind that pulls you away in the middle of your relaxing craft.

We've added a checkbox at the beginning of each row and a count of stitches on your needle at the end.

We've broken the entire pattern down into a row by row format so there's no "on the next 5 alt rows whilst at the neck edge of next 8 rows" for you to mentally grapple with.

So, whether you are an experienced knitter or an absolute beginner, this pattern is just what you need. 

To make this cardigan, you will need:-

.       3.25mm Needles (10) 
.       50g Double Knitting Wool 
.       2 x Press Studs
.       2 x Buttons
.       1 x wool needle

Prints on standard A4 paper