Sewing Kit & Instructions - Rag Doll Beach Sunbed/Lilo/Camping Mattress

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Get ready for summer! Why not try making this super simple sunbed (camping mattress) for your doll or bear! Reversible with both a printed or plain side it's like having a lilo one day and a camp bed the next!

We've put together a little kit so you'll have all the bits you'll need to whip one up, and get your playmate beach ready! And once you have the pattern....!

Kit Contents:

Printed copy of the instructions.

Seashore print fabric

Co-ordinating plain blue poplin

1 x 160g bag polyfibre filling.

You will also need a basic sewing kit, a sewing machine makes this really quick, ruler/tape measure, washable or iron erasable pen, scissors and a spare hour, maybe two!