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Teddy Bear and Doll Hospital Price List

This is a price list based on the expertise and experience of our Teddy Bear and Doll repair team. The Prices below are a guideline, as each patient and their individual needs are unique, but should give you a basic idea of what your repair might cost, though we will always need to see photos before we can provide a patient specific estimate.

Don't be put off if you can't see your repair here; we have been a Teddy Bear and Doll Hospital for 18 years, and there is almost nothing Doctor Dave, Nurse Lesley and the rest of the team cannot fix!

Replace one paw or foot pad (Rexine) from £40
Replace one paw or foot pad (woolfelt/other)  from £30
Make up new limb from £40
Re-attach an existing (jointed) limb from £45
Insert a pair of new glass eyes from £20
Insert a pair of plastic safety eyes  from £35
Insert new plastic safety nose  from £25
Add extra stuffing  from £10
Complete re-stuffing  from £20
Re-stitch a new nose from £20
Re-stitch a seam from £10
Insert a patch from £20
Insert a new growler/squeaker from £25
Insert a new music box  from £35
Surface clean  from £40
Doll re-string from £25
New wig (supply + fit) from £45
Insert new mama/crier from £25