Competition Page

Join our Winter, fireside, Kit Making Competition.

I know I'm not on my own in my almost scary love of Christmas.

And the idea of snuggling up in front of the fire, with mulled wine, nibbles and festive cd's close to hand is simply heaven. It can get a little lonely though. Yippee for the positives of social media.  

Use any of our Ethically produced Rag Doll or Bear Making Kits or Patterns to make something special this Christmas. Post updates on our Facebook page and share a picture of your finished project by 28th February.

We'll send the two favourites, beginner and established maker, a £40 voucher to use on our Kits and Patterns. Even better, everyone who joins in will receive an exclusive discount voucher so you just can't lose.

Best of all. You've made something personal, filled with love and special enough to be a best friend for life. Those are the very, very best gifts to give.

Join in for free here