Wool Blend Felt - 25cm x 90cm Roll - LIME LEAF - *Discounts available*

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You can never have enough felt now can you! In fact you need 2 of each piece - 1 to use and 1 to stroke! Discounts avaliable when you buy more than 3.

Available in a range of colours, this wool blend felt is a consistent 1mm thick making it suitable for a huge range of sewing and crafting projects (and it just so happens that a 25cm x 90cm roll is ample to make a Rosie or Bentley!).

So easy to sew and very forgiving, there is a world of creation just waiting for you!

20% wool / 80% rayon, Weight ~ 220g/sqm

We are offering discounts on multiple rolls, please use codes below:
Discounts available with any colour combination you choose.