Vintage Chad Valley Magna Series 1930's Large Teddy bear

Vintage Chad Valley Magna Series 1930's Large Teddy bear

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A lovely solid looking bear with a distinguished looking face, cupped ears and amber and black glass eyes.

He is made of golden mohair with some significant playwear consistent with age and use.

His mohair is thinning with large bald patches and he is slightly discoloured.

He has cloth replacement pads, although some have been removed the remains are still there.

This large bear has a pronounced muzzle and black  hand stitched nose and mouth but has no claw hand stitching.

The top of his arms, legs and back have been repaired.

He is five way jointed, 21 inches in height and stuffed with kapok and wood wool.

The sweet sounding squeaker in his tummy is still working!

He has his original red and white label which says "Hygienic Toys made in England, Chad Valley Co Ltd"

The bears with this label have the same features as the ones with the 1930's button in their ear.

We have dressed him in a blue woollen jumper and a multicoloured paisley scarf.

This item is a collectors item and not suitable for children.