Rag Doll Pattern and Instructions - Pirate Outfit to fit our 54cm Rag Doll

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Rag Doll Pirate outfit making pattern and A5 instruction booklet

This pack contains easy to follow instructions and a reusable pattern to make a beautiful rag doll outfit with your own materials that will be treasured for years to come.

We have provided you with all of the information you need to get both creative and green by recycling your pattern with both new and repurposed fabrics.

To make this rag doll outfit, you will need:-

. 56cm wide x 60cm deep fabric for shirt & knickers

. 56cm wide x 38cm deep fabric for trousers or skirt

. 37cm wide x 50cm deep, thick, none fraying fabric for waistcoat, boots & patch

. 32cm wide x 31cm deep felt for beard & hat

. 37cm wide x 37cm deep fabric for bandanas

. 15cm wide x 15cm deep, thick, none fraying fabric for hook & cutlass blade

. 14cm wide x 6cm deep, thick, none fray fabric for buckle

. 45cm wide x 12cm deep, thick, none fray fabric for belt, cutlass handle & hook glove

. 170cm long thin cord for shoelaces

. 100cm long x 2.5cm wide ribbon

. 50cm long x 7mm wide elastic to match patch, cutlass & beard

. 92cm long x 7mm wide elastic to match shirt, knickers & trousers/skirt

. 24 x 9mm gold loops

. 13g wool for beard (we use 'Super Chunky')

. 18cm wide x 6cm deep stiff cardboard

. Matching thread, general purpose sewing needle and pins

. 1 x pair each fabric and paper scissors. Tailor’s chalk or a pencil

With very little adjustment, this collectable doll outfit can make a delightful gift for a child. Please be very aware of the hazards caused by small parts, such as loops and amend the pattern if necessary.