'Wandering Wesley' - Plush Teddy Bear Making Kit & Passport - LIMITED EDITION

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Based on our lovely Charlotte Bear pattern, this limited run Wandering Wesley Bear Making kit gives a completely different look to this much loved Bear!

A soft, sparse, knit plush with an almost 'felted' feel to it, this lovely subtle shade of sage/pine needle green makes an unusual alternative to a traditional teddy bear, but none the less loveable! 

He has black foot pads, black glass eyes and is cotter pin jointed , and we can just imagine him wandering about the forest with the fairies, hiding under mushrooms or boarding the next train, riding the rails and see where they take him....

We have also included some red gingham checked fabric and a thin wooden dowel to make his 'Bindle Stick' (Hobo Bundle) and a passport so you can keep track of his travels! 

This Boxed kit contains:

Full pattern and instructions (Charlotte)

Faux Fur - Plenty to make Wesley comfortably 

Black Felt - (We have given you enough black felt in case you want to pattern-hack and give him paw pads as well)

Black 6mm handmade English glass eyes 

A set of 12mm traditional cotter pin joints

Nose thread

Doll Needle & eye thread

Red printed gingham & thin wooden dowel

Polyfibre filling 

Teddy Bear Passport