" Joseph" - Hand Made Mohair Miniature 3.5" Jointed Artist Bear OOAK

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Let me introduce Joseph!

A keen horticulturist, Joseph is passionate about plants and flowers and pottering around his potting shed. Being a miniature himself at just 3.5" tall, the art of Bonsai holds a special fascination, and you will often find him taking the time to watch his plants grow, playing them the occasional bit of Britney Spears or E.L.O. and having a nice chat about loam soil and how to hinder a slug... 

Traditionally cotter pin jointed, he has been entirely hand stitched in beautiful German mohair with hand embroidered features, tiny beads for eyes and super warm scarf to keep the chill off his chest whilst wandering the garden.  

Whether you keep him or gift him - he is sure to delight!

Lovingly hand made by our Dr Tracey, not suitable for very young people as they like to fiddle with the small bits like his eyes - he won't thank you for that!