Handmade Miniature Angel "Cloud" Teddy Bear

Handmade Miniature Angel "Cloud" Teddy Bear

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This adorable Handmade Miniature Angel "Cloud",  is made from white  upholstery velvet, by Ann Barton-Greenwood.

The bottom of her feet are made from light grey upholstery velvet, with the letter "A" embroidered in her foot in silver.

She has a pretty see through light blue skirt and wings.

She has a blue satin ribbon halo and a small blue bracelet.

The eyes are glass ,with a hand stitched nose and mouth ,hands and feet in black.

The arms and legs are string jointed, so that they can move easily, to put her into various positions.

She is polycotton filled and approx 9cm tall.

This is a collection piece,  made in Wales and is not suitable for children.

It is a limited edition 1 of 1.