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Hand Made English Glass Eyes - Size 10mm - for Teddy Bears and Rag Dolls

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We have chosen English, hand-made, coloured glass, Teddy Bear and Rag Doll Eyes with needle shape loop.

They are of outstanding quality and the family have been creating pieces that are a delight to work with for four generations, ever since William Hand was accepted into the Flint Glass Makers Society, in Stourbridge in the West Midlands on the 18th September 1819.

Hand Glass craft have developed their own style of loop for their eyes. An improvement on the clumsy, pig tail loop of the past.
These loops are made from stainless steel so there are no rusting problems.

Loops are of round wire that has been flattened to enable the loop to squeeze together once the securing thread has been attached .This makes as small as possible a profile, ensuring no damage to the weave when the eye is pulled into the bear or doll head.

The end of the loop onto which the eye is attached is ball shaped. This makes the glass section of the eye very secure on the loop and under normal use the loop will not pull out of the eye.

Please remember, small parts can be a choking hazard. These eyes are are not suitable for use on Dolls or Bears that will be played with by small children. We recommend you embroider eyes when the recipient will be a small child, until that child is a little older, at which point it is possible to add beautiful glass eyes. 

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