Hand Dyed English Rose Pre Shrunk Calico - 100% Cotton - Ideal For Rag Doll Making

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Just to give you another option to the plain or darker dyed calico - we have gone for this lovely warm, pale pink to represent the fairer skin tones. 

This calico has been hand dyed to give you just a hint of pink, a 'light blush' if you like, to lift the calico from it's natural beige skin tones. 

As this has been hand dyed each piece may vary very subtly. Available in half metre pieces, with a maximum unit of 1mtr (so if you bought 2 x half metres it will come as a whole metre, if you bought 4 x half metres you would receive 2 x metre pieces).

100% Cotton Pre Shrunk and scoured extra wide (150cm) calico. Perfect for Rag Doll Making.  

This has been pre-washed to soften the fabric and remove the dressing. Especially important for calico dolls to help you achieve gentle curves.