1950's Pedigree Bear "Oliver"

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Pedigree Toys was founded in 1937, in Exeter, England. They began producing teddy bears immediately, but it's those from the 1950's and 60's that we tend to find more of. Those with a 'made in England' label are before 1955, as after, they were produced in Northern Ireland.

"Oliver" was born very local to our bear shop, .....only about 25 miles away, so we are really lucky to have a local teddy bear made from around our area!, but he does not mind moving! He spends his time watching films and eating popcorn and biscuits, so its about time he found his special home!

Oliver is a unjointed 1950's Pedigree bear with his original amber eyes and black plastic nose ,he has no label.

His plush fur is a light beige colour and is in very good condition.

Size from head to paw- 37 cm .

Not suitable for children collectors item only.