Cobby Goes For A Swim - Hardback Book - Alice's Bear Shop

Cobby Goes For A Swim - Hardback Book - by Rikey Austin

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 "Alice is not an ordinary girl, because when Alice talks to the bears, the bears talk back"

The notice in the window of Alice’s Bear Shop read: ‘Found. Bear lost at sea. Soggy but safe. Apply within.’ The bear is called Cobby, lost to his owner Tom, when he fell overboard, and this is the story of his adventure and how he came to be in Alice's Bear Shop

Written by our very own Rikey Austin, she brings to life in these beautifully illustrated books a truly delightful collection of teddy bears. Each turns up at Alice's Bear Shop with a tale of joy and sadness, but every one, thanks to Alice, has a happy ending. 


Hardback edition, size approx 17cm x 21.5cm x 0.5cm.