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Old 1940s European Bear - Auntie's Bear with pet Rabbit

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This sweet, chocolate brown, long pile, art silk bear dates from the 1940s. He is simply known as Auntie's Bear. He has, as far back as anyone can remember, had his little pet rabbit with him and the two will need to be re-homed together.

He has his original  wood wool stuffing which is still in good condition considering his years, he is fully jointed although his hips are a little creaky and he has plastic eyes.

Size - 53cm from head to paw

Pet rabbit is made of mohair and has glass eyes. One ear is a little loose, possibly this is the side that Auntie's Bear has been talking into for many years or where he leans against his shoulder. He has a few small bald patches but then, what rabbit of his considerable years wouldn't?

Size - 24cm from tip of ears to toe

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